Level 2 Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance

Are you interested in studying one of our counselling courses? UK employers are often interested in candidates who can demonstrate an understanding and commitment to working well and inclusively with others. This qualification covers the topics you need to study to be able to provide excellent and efficient service, including questioning, listening and communicating techniques, the importance of confidentiality and how to overcome barriers.

Unit 1: Information, advice or guidance in practice

In this unit, you will learn about the various differences between information, advice and guidance and the requirements of different clients and how these are best met. It will also help you to gain in-depth knowledge of the boundaries and responsibilities present when offering information, advice and guidance, including signposting, referrals and record keeping.

Unit 2: Developing interaction skills for information, advice or guidance

Within this unit, you will discover how to interact with clients, executing appropriate and effective questioning techniques, listening skills and non-verbal communication. You will also gain knowledge of the impact of values, beliefs and attitudes on any interactions you may encounter, as well as the importance of confidentiality and impartiality.

Unit 3: Signposting and referral in information, advice or guidance

In this unit, you will gain an understanding of the difference between signposting and referrals – when it is appropriate to refer or signpost an individual organisation’s procedures. Employees will also gain knowledge of good practice when signposting and referring, including recording, monitoring and evaluating.

Unit 4: Information, advice or guidance in context

Within this unit, you will gain an understanding of information, advice or guidance in the context of their own practice and a specific group of clients – exploring different ways of assisting clients to explore and make choices. Knowledge on discriminatory practices and behaviours affecting specific client groups, as well as potential barriers and how to overcome them, are explored within this unit.

Unit 5: Skills for advice providers

This unit provides you with an understanding of the purpose and process of an advice interview, examining the relationship between client and advisor, the advisor’s role, stages of the advice interview and how to ensure client confidentiality. A key part of this section is gaining knowledge of social policy in advice work, negotiating effectively on a client’s behalf and support and action planning.

Key Information

Course Price £0.00
Course Length 8-12 weeks
average course length
Awarding Body TQUK
Course Level Level 2
Funding Fully Funded
Learning Method(s)

Paper based
learning materials
with online assessment

Paper based
learning materials and
paper based assessment

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Most recent customer reviews

Zoe Child

1 year ago

"I found the course easy to understand and the feedback was very thorough and useful."

Zoe decided to study this course to improve her knowledge and understanding of information advice or guidance, and it has helped her become more aware of how to structure a session when offering advice to young people.

'I chose to study this course to improve my knowledge and assist in my current and future roles.'
'I found the course easy to understand and the feedback was very thorough and useful.'
'I am now more aware of how our sessions should be structured, especially in relation to gaining permission from the client on next steps and repeating the process as necessary. I have also started working on a survey for the young people we work with in order to gain feedback and evaluation – after learning about this on the course.'

Beverley Lindfield

1 year ago

"Level 2 Information advice or guidance"

Passing the course has improved Beverley's confidence and knowledge in her job role. She is now able to pass on information that she has learnt from the course to her students.

'I have to give out information, advice and guidance, so I wanted to make sure that I was doing it in the correct way.'
'The learning resources were very helpful and encouraged me to research the questions more thoroughly by carrying out additional reading.'
'The information that I have learnt has been useful for communication assignments and questioning techniques, so I have been able to pass on knowledge learnt from this course to students.'

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