Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness

Interested in studying one of our accredited online courses? UK employers, particularly in the health and social care sector, often require employees with a knowledge of the dangers of alcohol consumption. This qualification aims to introduce you to the dangers surrounding alcohol and the risks associated with alcohol consumption. You will learn about unit strengths of different types of alcohol, the effects of alcohol misuse, health issues associated with alcohol and where to find help and information in relation to alcohol.

This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

Section 1: Alcohol unit strengths

In this section you will look at the legislation around alcohol unit strengths and safe drinking limits.

Section 2: Alcohol misuse

In this section you will look at the different reasons why people choose to drink and binge drinking.

Section 3: Effects of alcohol misuse

You will consider both the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol misuse in this section.

Section 4: Health issues

This section covers the effects that alcohol misuse has on body and the myths surrounding alcohol.

Section 5: Withdrawing from alcohol

In this section you will look at alcohol addiction and the symptoms individuals may experience when they withdraw from alcohol.

Section 6: Help and information

This section looks at the different sources of help and information that are available to support people with alcohol addiction.

Key Information

Course Price £0.00
Course Length 6 weeks
Awarding Body NCFE
Course Level Level 1
Funding Fully Funded
Learning Method(s)

Online learning
materials with
online assessment

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